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CARES Comprehensive Clinical Evaluations for Eligible Individuals.

Comprehensive Clinical Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluations are available at no cost to eligible individuals funded through the Family Support Program by NYS Office with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

Comprehensive Psychological & Psychosocial Evaluations are administered by licensed Psychologists and Social Workers. CARES Psychologists have extensive training to diagnose children and/or adults with known, or suspected, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental disabilities.

Evaluations can be done in our office, the child's school, or other convenient locations. Parent/guardian should arrange to be present.

Please submit a current or previous evaulation, IFSP/IEP with medical information to determine eligibility.

Transportation Reimbursement is Available for Eligible Individuals.

Clinical services pictureCARES Therapeutic Services are Available.

Behavioral therapy, counseling, parent training and clinical evaluations at no cost for eligible individuals and their family

Services support children, adults and families to improve communications, develop coping skills and enhance well-being.

Therapies can reduce challenging behaviors, treat anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health challenges.

CARES multilingual professionals are psychologists and social workers experienced treating children and adults with mental health concerns and/or developmental disabilities.

Therapy is offered in individual and/or group formats depending on the needs and preferences of families.

Ask about our Care Management Program to access and coordinate services and resources for eligible children and families.

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Evaluations are provided in convenient locations. Evaluations can be done in the family home, our offices, center or child's school. Parent needs to be present.

Transportation Reimbursement is Available for Eligible Individuals

To schedule your evaluation contact Linda @ 212-420-1970 ext. 149 or by email at
Community Assistance Resources and Extended Services Inc.
465 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002

To determine eligibility for Therapeutic Services please submut a current insurance card, any previous evaluation, IEPs and recent medical information to determine eligibility for these services.

To schedule an intake call Pearl Ratz @212-420-1970 ext.123, fax your documents to
212-420-1906 or email